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Thursday, 12 November 2015

WWI Cheshire Regiment Soldiers, & Street Scene from Hyde.

I've once again been sent pictures from Elaine Hallfarm, if you recall it was Elaine who shared a picture of John Street, Hyde where part of the property had collapsed. Through the information that turned up on the face-book group page, Elaine as been able to add that to the back of the picture for future reference.

WW1 Soldier from the Cheshire Regiment with women

WW1 Injured Soldiers in unknown Hospital, One is possibly Elaine's Uncle Arthur 

WW1 Cheshire Regiment Soldier, wear a Mourning Button
DuringWW1 it was permissible in the British army to wear a small square or black crepe or silk wrapped around the second button on the tunic as a sign of personal mourning. Officers wore black armbands.

Procession Walk in Hyde

What a cracking picture this is
Where it is unknown but it is from Hyde
Anyone know the church banner
I will be very pleased if this can be pinpointed and see what it's like today.

These pictures are all shared by Elaine in the memory of her Aunty May

These were Aunty May's pictures, and are now passed on to family members. Elaine says there are more pictures to follow, and that the family sometimes can work out who they are looking at, but more often there are no clues. She hope we enjoy looking at them and better still find something of interest in them.


Linda said...

Wonderful series of photos.

Hyde High said...

Nelson St looking towards Ridling Lane...