Picture Of Hyde Grammar School Building
by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Werneth Terrace, Victoria Street Newton

This row of houses is at the bottom end of Victoria Street, just before the Crown and Cushion pub. I was surprised at the name plaque at first.... but in 1900 when these were built they would have had a stunning view over towards Godley and Werneth. We are lucky in Hyde to have these name plaques, it is well worth looking up at them once in a while. If you notice any that you think we could use please let us know


Hydonian said...

Yes ,you are right ,Tom. The name plaques do give you an insight into what the views might have been like. I shall look round Gee Cross for any interesting ones!

Tom said...

There was a shop on the corner of Cross St. and Simpson St. that had a plaque which said 'The Shop That Jack Built' The shop was pulled down in the 1970s when I was at Greenfield Street school.

Hydonian said...

The Bricklayers used to have a strange plaque on it ,according to my Dad! I haven't found any old pictures of the Bricklayers to post yet. It was on a portion of the roof that was removed in the early 1960's because it was unsafe apparently.

Tom said...

I have seen pictures in the past of the Bricklayer.... it really was a stunning building at one time... I can not think where the pictures were from Nancy... I'll have to have a look tomorrow if I get chance...