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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ashton Brothers Demolition

Last days of Ashton Brothers


Tom said...

I've posted the above pictures for my sister to see... she worked here for many years sowing the labels onto 'Zorbit' nappies.

My mum also worked here at one time..... she told me she would walk out of work a whole lot fatter than when she walked in.. She... and others I might add, would wind towels around their waists.... We had these towels for many many years... I can still recall the patterns on some of them.. The towels used at some of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments were once made here... Many a car boot stall in Hyde sold towels from here and slippers and gloves from James Norths.. ha!

Hydonian said...

I think every self respecting resident of Hyde had a few "Free" towels from Ashton Brothers! God Bless 'em! haha!

Tom said...

I had a great message on facebook about this factory and others that have been lost in Hyde...
Darren Jones said " All these factories closing and being demolished for housing.... but where are the people going to be working"

Not Hyde I guess Darren... not Hyde :O(

imac said...

That would have been good for our header some weeks ago Tom.