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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Newton Hurst

Newton Hurst
Victoria Street





I'm sure these houses were build by the defunct Waldorf Stationary of Newton Mill, Ashton Road to house it's workers.. this company also left playing fields for the people of Hyde.


Waldorf Playing Fields were donated to the people of the Borough of Hyde in 1973 by Newton Mill Ltd. Since then, the land has been used by the residents of the Borough as a free space for Dog Walking, Horse Riding, Football, Flying Model Aircraft, etc. It is a safe place for children, situated well away from any roads. The fields occupy 9.5 acres, and the land is in a designated Green Belt area.

Photobucket Taken on Waldorf playing fields

Alas the local Golf club and our no so much loved local council had other plans for this field.. and might yet still snatch it from under our feet. I would hate to see this beauty spot losts to the golf course.


Hydonian said...

I hope the council don't have other plans for the area. It's like Aspland all over again wherein the land that was left to the people of Hyde gets snatched away again for private housing or a private gold club at huge profit for the council. Scandelous!

ian... said...

Hi Tom & Nancy,

I've just stumbled across this post, clearing out my bookmarks folder - i'd forgotten all about it.

Norra lorra people know this, but these houses are back to front. I know one of the residents who told me.

Before Charlton Avenue & wotnot was built, a small road on the other side of the houses provided the main access, so what are now the back gardens were originally the front.

Going into what are now their back gardens is quite funny with the original doorways. It was only when it was pointed out to me about the change that the penny dropped.

Matthew B said...

The council are lining there pockets at our expense and regardless of any complaints put to them about the golf course and the behavior of these golfers they carry on regardless giving permits and planning permission to the golf course. It looks to me like a number of members of the council have a conflict of interests as they are also members of the golf course. And they day "British Politics" is free from corruption.