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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Duke Of Sussex,

The Duke

What a stunning frontage it had once.

Corner of Ashton Road & Victoria Street

What a shame it as lost the chimney stacks.. they make a great feature to any building and help lining up shots later.

Shame it shows no signs of that frontage of it today

Ashton Road, the Duke is at the top of the hill.
Same view today looks very different.


Hydonian said...

Great comparisons there, Tom! How long has Ashton House been there,approximately? I feel sure I remember the row of houses ,albeit ready for demolition! The Duke actually looks as though it's grown in size over the years. I agree with you though,chimney stacks make building look better! What date is the first shot from?

Tom said...

I wish I knew the 'time line' of these shots Nancy... I would have thought the first picture is from around 1900... would you..
I don't remember the houses being where Ashton House was but again I will need to speak to my Aunt as she lived and worked here for many years as Caretaker/Warden..

I remember when I was in my teens I worked for Allotts Removals.. we packed all this couples stuff into the van and set off to Ashton House to drop it off... the old dears told use to set the place up 'nice' as they were going shopping in Hyde.... can you imagine that happening now... We did our best for them and the Warden at the time was pleased.

You mentioned chimney stacks as well Nancy... I hate to see these 'new build' houses with no chimneys.. what would happen if you asked a small child to draw a picture of their house... Most likely it would be a door in the middle with windows either side... two windows upstairs. a nice roof and of course it's topped off with a chimney... There is also a picket fence with flowers and the odd toy in the garden and of course the sun is shining...

The thing is it's not 'their' house as such.. it's how they think their house should look...

Well Nancy call me a child but I'd still draw and make houses like that if I had my way... ha! I think the kids could tell the town planners a thing or two.

Hydonian said...

Right,Tom, I've asked around and apparently the photo of the row of houses where Ashton house is was taken approx the early 1960's. As the houses are still inhabited on the picture then there's a distinct possibility that I do remember them as boarded up property a few years later! (Showing me age now haha ).

Ex Hydeonian said...

One of the few pubs in Hyde that I cannot recall having a few cooling glasses of water in. Must have been in there once but really don't remember. Probably years of alcohol abuse playing havoc with my memory! Changing the subject slightly, I think you have both mentioned that the motorway ripped the heart out of Hyde, and I have to agree majorly. Although I am not totally aware of all the streets around the motorway area, I do recall many times going down Cheapside which had the old cobbles and there were lots of terraced houses and streets around there. Do you guys remember the Turbine Service Station which was on Mottram Road where Morrisons is now? I remember my dad bought a Triumph 1500 from there and I seem to recall that there was a mural of birds on one wall, and down the side of the building, there was a tram shed and old tram lines still there. Opposite was Pomroys Antique Shop and Doreens novelty & sweet shop. Also a good deli and Mr Hollands fruit and veg shop. Mrs Holland used to live next door to us on Tom Shepley Street. In those days when you went ‘Down Hyde’ you stopped in at the butchers and then went to the bread shop, then called in a few other shops and it was a real community. Now you just get in your car, head down, fill the trolley and then pack up and piss off! Impersonal but convenient. On a tangent, last time I was in Hyde I went into the Market Hall and down the steps on the right hand side is a pet food shop and I reckon the bloke there must have been there for at least two hundred years....which is strange coz he still looked like he did when I used to buy rabbit food for Pixie, my beloved rabbit and Bonios for Patch the dim as anything beagle that did a runner down the hacking knife. I love that about Hyde....there are still some old timers from way back who might just remember how it used to be before supermarkets and motorways.
Ah the good old days. As my Gran always used to say...’There might have been a war on but you could go out at night or leave your door unlocked’. Mind you, she did get robbed four times so I question the validity of her sage advice. Bless her!

Tom said...

1960s it is then for the houses Nancy well done for admiting that ha! ... lets see if we can come up with something for the frontage on the Duke..
Great comment, I hope that in time we can come across pictures of all the shops and sights you mentioned... your memories are very good and enjoyable to read...

Hydonian said...

Hi Graham, the bloke on the Pet stall in the Market hall is called David - he used to have a stall on the outdoor market too which his sister ran for him. He told me he started work on there at around 14 and he's approx 55 now so yeah you could say he's been there forever (almost)!
I used to like shopping in the market hall with my Mum as I always got free samples of cheeses ,bread and fruit off the ladies in there ,especially Croziers the fruit stall and Parkers the cheese stall. They must have thought I looked undernourished ..haha...
It was nice to be able to go out without fear of being burgled though - no-one did that cos no-one had anything worth nicking!
Yeah I do remember the old Turbine garage and Pommies "Antique" shop. He used to sell air rifles which he let you try out in the back of his shop on targets - wouldn't be allowed in this PC day and age!
Tom, Im comfortable with my age - I've got to be lol x

Ex Hydeonian said...

Hi Tom and Nancy, thanks again for your excellent posts. Was remembering the market hall after the pet man thoughts I had....we used to go there for lunch sometimes from Greenie. (Market Hall that is, not the pet food stall!)I recall there was a small shop on the right as you went down the steps to David's pet food stall which I think was a dressmaker or alterations place....never really did work that one out, then as Nancy mentioned there was Croziers and Parkers, excellent shops, and I remember a little cafe right around the back. Like the place time forgot, tea and toast for lunch hidden from view of prying eyes of teachers. Amongst the fag ends and smoke of various Hydeonians! A luggage, hardware and shoe stall in close proximity. I also remember a little kiosk place round the other side that sold bacon butties and the smell of frying bacon used to be awesome at lunchtime. Cookies roundabout was near there for a while next to the underground public toilets. Why do I remember all this! I also remember that when it was cold, we used to stand around the loading bay area opposite the Bricklayers, cant remember the name of the street, but there used to be ventilation fans there that blew out hot air. We knew how to have a good time in those days....don’t get me started.

Tom said...

I recall a story I was told by a police dog handler.. The alarms had gone off in the market hall and the police turned up.. the caretaker was sent for, then a lot of shouting for the culprits to give up and come out of hiding fell on deaf ears so it was decided to send in two police dogs... What a fight then took place.. one dog came back whimpering with blood over one eye... The dog handlers then moved in to make an arrest and were met with a big old cat sat on top of a stall hissing and spitting at the remaining police dog..