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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hyde Shops

Can you name this shop?


What I'd like to do is a series of posts on Hyde shops... we all have certain memory's of our favourite shop, or shops that mum might have dragged you around whilst shopping. Maybe you or a relative worked there, or just shopped there. Whatever your memories are I would like to hear them... either in the comments of this post or even better by email at hydonian@gmail.com. What would be great is if you have any pictures of the shops or adverts about them. The shops might not be the subject of the photo you have but can be seen in the background.. that is fine we could still use it. 

Pictures are best sent scanned and attached in an email... or if you don't have access to a scanner let us know and we could arrange to scan them for you. I'm sure something could be sorted out.


Hydonian said...

Is it definitely in Hyde?
It looks a bit like how "Buttercups and Daisies" flower shop in Denton used to look !

Werneth Low said...

Please put us out of our misery and say where this shop is/was!

Gwyneth said...

Anyone remember Garbetts shoe shop at the bottom of Market Street. My mother dragged my brother and I there many times for a good pair of Clarks leather shoes..............bless her.

westarsteve said...

anyone remember mrs kays shop on stockport road near to ricky hattons gym she sold toys and all sorts of gifts it was like aladins cave alo another shop that was across the road was a bakery called hicklings i think it was lovely then one day it had a fire and never re opened those were the days

Jean said...

I remember Mrs Kays shop very well, the pies from Hicklings were to die for, higher up from Kays was a shop called Wilds which sold green groceries my gran used to send me there for her shopping when I was in there Mrs Wild would get a jug with a cloth over it and go to The Bush for her beer leaving me alone in the shop I was about 10 at the time.

Tom said...

Nancy... I do believe this shop was in Hyde

Werneth Low... I don't know what the shop was called.

Gwyneth... We did a post on this shop a while back now.

Westarsteve... Great memories there.

Jean.. Fantastic memory there, really enjoy reading about Mrs Wild with her Jug.

Dave Williams said...

If the shop's on Market Street, then the following are possibilities from the Kelly's Directory of 1902:

15 Miss Lavinia Lee Milliner
(now somewhere near the entrance to the bus station)
59 Mrs E Stansfield Milliner & Fancy Draper
(now The Sewing Box)
80 Mrs Mary Gray Milliner & Fancy Repository
(now the Hyde Camera Centre)
93 Miss Emily Swain Milliner
(now Sean Peters Photography and Video)
110 Miss Elizabeth Knowles Milliner & Dress Maker
(now empty - next to Taylor & Wood)
148 Mrs Ada Redfern Milliner
(now Sweatshop)
162 Miss H E Wilde Hosier & Milliner
(now part of Nawabi or Route 66)
188 Mrs Ann Carsberg Baby Linen Warehouse & Milliner
& 190 (now part of Pizza Bravo or Zibba)

I've taken all the current locations from Google Streetview.

Hyde Lad said...

Just a note to say that this shop is definately in Hyde. I had a copy of the postcard and studied it for a while to try and work out where the shop was, without success. The shop appears to be a milliners or drapers of which there were dozens in Hyde in the early 1900's. I am very doubtful it is on Market St/Hyde Lane, because it appears to be on a level surface and on line with neighboring shops, as opposed to off line on Market Street

Ceecee said...

I too remember Mary Kays shop especially being taken there by my Mum to buy fireworks - penny bangers and threepenny rip-raps just to name a couple. On the other side of the road from Kays where Stoneacre car lot is my Mums cousin Olive Marsland had a grocery shop. Further down on the next block after the Bush there was a row of terraced house the last one being a shop belonging to Ginny Stone now that was an aladins cave a bit like the £1 shops of today --full of things you can't live without.

Barbara Tomlinson said...

Could this be the shop between the UCP and the White Lion i think it was called Crossleys.

Anonymous said...

Posted on behalf of Rennie Mulhearn
Our family used to operate a shop on 5 George St Hyde, i can just remember it we vacated in 1970 i was 3 yr old, i can remember a fruit shop next to us owned by Renee Beswick, bus station opposite us, a pub further up the street, a Sunday school type building around the corner & a set of toilets nr the pub, as a child i also recall visiting Hyde pk & near the entrance was a white shop big windows (now a house) open as ice cream parlour, my parents told me around corner from George st was Paul Castellano barbers who moved to bottom end of market st near Duckworths bike shop, with a pet shop next to Duckworths, George St was compulsory purchased due to M67 motorway
Any correction or futher info i would welcome Renny Mulhearn

Anonymous said...

the ice cream parlour was callad meshers