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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Theatre Royal

 This weekend we received two emails about the Theatre Royal.

The first one was from Mo who kindly sent in the following three photos which were taken in 2007 when the theatre was opened for Heritage weekend,




The second email was from Graeme Green who sent this message -

"I have recently been attending the last couple of Theatre Royal Onward committee meetings with my brother Stuart, at the last meeting it was proposed  that the people of Hyde should be encouraged to post their memories / photographs etc. on to our web site; http://www.hydetheatreroyal.co.uk/ to form a record of the Theatre's history, However having visited your web pages on previous occasions it became clear that this archive information has already been started. It is with this in mind that we intend to link to the hydonian blog spot and encourage our members to submit articles etc there, would it be possible also for a special request be made to your subscribers for more articles and reminiscences about the Theatre Royal in Hyde as even as we speak the theatre is undergoing a possible change of use and it would be a great shame to loose the wealth of information that like minded Hydonian's no doubt have regarding this part of our heritage but have so far not re-counted."

So, with this in mind, and with the threat of losing this wonderful building, any photos or reminiscences from your time going to the "pictures" here would be most welcome.

Please visit this great site to see what can be done to help save the Theatre Royal.

1 comment:

Tom said...

Great picture indeed Nancy..
I have a post ready for tomorrow with a few of my memories and some fantastic pictures from Dave...
Theatre Royal Onward have done sterling work and it is an honour to do our bit alongside them..