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Sunday, 16 October 2011

View from Werneth Low

Here is a lovely photograph showing us Hydonians why we are so lucky to live where we do. The scenery is stunning and whichever way you look there are green fields for miles and miles.....
I love Werneth Low.


Higham Cottages are in the foreground with Mottram Road winding its way over to Hattersley. In the far distance to the left is Mottram Church .


Werneth Low said...

Thank you. Werneth Low is my favourite place in the whole world.

Tom said...

Great view for sure Nancy.. I think I'm right in saying that Higham Cottages get their water from a well under the Low.. I worked on one of the roofs there a few years back and water was flowing from an overflow pipe into a bath... the owner went on to explain about their water and where it came from... it was tested at regular intervals. It seems Werneth Low acts as a filter for their water.

westarsteve said...

great view that ive walked up that hill past the cottages and back down at night when i worked at werneth low golf course my very first job in 1976

Dave Williams said...

Talking About being able to see for miles, the best time to go up there's on a bright and frosty winter's day. From near the War Memorial if you look West you can see six cooling towers on the horizon. That's Fiddlers Ferry power station near Widnes. If you look a bit more to the South on a really, really clear day you can see the mountains of North Wales. And if you go to the end of Lord Derby Road and continue up the dirt track almost as far as Hillside Road, again on a really clear day you can see the Jodrell Bank radio telescope, though you might need a pair of binoculars, or a camera with a big telephoto lens to be able to recognise it. I've been waiting for a really clear day to see if I can get a decent photo of it.