Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Newton Moor Conservative Club, Ashton Road

This club seems to be doing OK, and at weekends seems to still pull in the punters. It as been a while since I was here... but remember that the drinks were cheap and the 'turn' they had on was very good. I hope clubs such as these carry on for a very long time no matter what affiliation they are. Hyde as it's fair share of political clubs and we will try to get pictures of them all.

Ashton Road, Newton


Hydonian said...

I like the stonework on the Conservative club,Tom - They couldn't make things like that now. Not skilled enough! They'd just have a plastic sign nowadays!

Tom said...

Yes Nancy.. these remind me of the ones on Church View that came from the old PSA building...
I had a quick google and it seems these bricks leters and other ornamental bricks I've seen across Hyde.. are made by Ruabon . I would go as far to say that the Town Hall and Library are made from these bricks as well... I have always thought they were made from Accrington Bricks.. I need to do a bit of digging now.. ha!

Hydonian said...

I thought they were Accrington Brick also, Tom. I've never heard of Ruabon - good info there!

Tom said...

I'd have said Accrrington... but Ruabon was 'the bees knees' at the time the Town Hall was being built.. I'm far from 1oo% on the facing bricks but the lettering above and on the PSA... and most of the architectural stuff I'm sure would have been made by this company.. they had a very well known and respected arts department who specalised this kind of work.. I am going to do a bit more digging on this and it's sparked an interest.. ha!