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Friday, 18 June 2010

Talbot Road, Newton

Changing Views


The bus stop is outside Heng Seng's Chip shop...

This is the same shop that is now Heng Seng Chippy, notice there's no junction at the corner of Talbot Road/Hallbottom Street... and no sign of the Hallbottom Gate Pub. I think the old pub was either further back or had been pulled down. No sign also of the factory's or the housing at Harbour Farm estate on the oppersite side. I'll show the houses on the left further down.


Heng Seng at the far end of these stone built terrace


The road is very different now, gone are these setts and gas lamps... it is nice to see the crown top chimney's which are very much in keeping with this style of house .. It is a shame but it seems that most have been removed see the picure above this one... apart from a stack or two at the far end.
The windows on the gable end help to tie the pictures together nicely. as dose the stone walling which is to be seen fronting many of the houses on Talbot Road.
The trees make a big differance here.... the chimney stacks seem to be gone on the far two houses.. but at least the bay windows have survived. Seems most of the older houses that were built on what used to be known as Muslin Street are still to be seen on what is now known as Talbot Road... I must find out when the name changed.


Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I hear there was an armed robbery at the Heng Sen the other evening. No one hurt but frightening nontheless.

Tom said...

I live just up the road from there Gerald and have not heard anything..... but I'm not surprised.. the Co-op as become a regular target... the small amount of money involved tells me it would proberly be another drug related crime.

Hydonian said...

I believe it was in the 1930's , Tom ,but unsure of exact date.

Tom said...

It's here somewhere wrote down... I must make the effort to sort my gear out... ha!

Melissa Blackburn said...

I lived on talbot road from 1980 for 26 years in a house just off to the side but facing the pub my house is not even in these photos I always felt my house was built when the ones directly facing the pub where built but the must not have been its so nice to see how it once was :)