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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Bush.


The Bush Inn is probably the oldest "pub name" in existence. The Romans used to use it to "advertise" hostelries by putting a large pole with an evergreen bush hanging from it outside their premises to show passers by that they sold wine.
The first Landlord of the Bush in Hyde was a local man called John Haughton who had the street at the side of the pub named after him! The Bush used to have a roaring trade at lunch times when Norths Factory was in operation and even had a small restaurant upstairs for a short time.


Tom said...

This was the first pub I went in... I was 15 and still at school when I started drinking here. We would meet in the pool room to the right of the front door. It was a small room and cueing was a problem at times, there was a darts board and a pinball machine.
The landlord at this time was an old chap called Harold.... he knew we were underage but turned a blind-eye to us if we behaved. Each week was a compatition on the pinball machine, the highest score won a gallon of Bitter... we always won it as we knew a cheat on the machine... the bitter was awful... but free. Anyone who went in at that time will know about the meat pie.... or at least they should do. At one time I think the bar had been moved back to make more room, this left a beam like arrangement hanging down from the ceiling... I cannot recall who put the pie up there in a recess... but it was there as long as Harold had the pub... over the years it went smaller and smaller until it was just another lump of dust. Ha!
Harold had one of the best and biggest collection of Guinness merchandise I have ever come across. He let me have a Sea lion balancing a guinness on its nose as he knew I collected stuff like that.

imac said...

Sounds if you were a bit of a boozing womtig,lol.
Local info is great.

Tom said...

Stewart I was at one time.. luckerly I got it all out of my system in my younger days... ha!
I think most town must have their own set of memories... but I really think that Hyde was at one time blessed with idiots... I of course mean that in a nice way and I am proud to say I was one of them... and knew and drunk with most of the others. I'm sure many more stories will be told on here and cause a chuckle or two.

Hydonian said...

Ha! Listening to you saying that Harold turned a blind eye to underage drinking,Tom, made me laugh. Were you with my other half when he got caught underage drinking in there and the police took his name? The police turned up at his Mums to tell her about it and she sent them away with a flea in their ear telling them they should be out catching proper criminals and not poor young lads who wanted a beer.! God bless her! :)

Tom said...

I can't remember that Nancy.... but I got caught in the Ring 'O' Bells and got charged and took to court... me Tony Collins and Steve Smith... and Greg Merric... his dad was a police inspector.. poor Greg must have copped it off his dad.

Hydonian said...

Stevie Smith - there's a name from the past! Didn't he emigrate with his family to Tazmania only to stow away on a ship back to England? His youngest sister was my best friend at Leigh St and I was gutted when the left for Tazmania!

Tom said...

That's the same one Nancy... he was 14-15 when he stowed away.... it was in all the papers. He then to live on Layton Avenue with Minnie... his Grandma. I lived there as well for a while... I recall the story of him getting knocked down by a drink driver in Macclesfield... he was badly hurt with a smashed leg bone.. he was on the floor moaning and a police woman told to him to think of something to take his mind off the pain... ha! We'd all been to see 'Paint Your Wagon' a while before... he was lied in the road singing

I talk to the trees
But they don't listen to me
I talk to the stars
But they never hear me

Alas Ste turned to drugs years ago and when I saw him last year he was still doing so. I believe both his sisters Gaynor and Cheryl(I think that was her name)are doing very well as is his younger brother who is a very good artist.

Lizzy said...

Imac, I wouldn't like you to think that I was a boozer too, but I also started my drinking days in this pub too, but not with Tom - not quite sure why. But I do know all the names in the above post and they do bring back some memories, what off Tony Collins these days Tom?

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