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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Gee Cross Methodist Church


Gee Cross Methodist Church is a small, unassuming building on Stockport Road in Gee Cross. It was built in 1882. The Church Hall hosts "Quackers" playgroup ,Weightwatchers and Karate, amongst other activities. It is also used for the local Art Group to show their talents off in the yearly Art Show which is held on the weekend of the Village Fete. It's nice to see the old Church Halls still being used for the locals benefit. It shows there is still a sense of Community felt in the Village.

church wall plaque
Gee Cross Methodist

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Tom said...

It's a stunning building , great brickwork as well... I used to go to the youth club here, that was at the end of the 1960's must have been 68/69... I was still at Enfield street school I know that. I recall going on a trip to Chester Zoo from here as well.