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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Navigation /Cheshire Ring.


The Navigation on Manchester Road.


The Cheshire Ring Formerly known as the Navigation.
A good pub for live music.

The Verge: This is a really small venue, with seating for around 50 and standing room for a few more, or the possibility of quite a few more if standing only. It has a unique stage, full PA system and lighting. It is a real ale pub, with a bar in the separate venue room. The Verge


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

This is where the local Laurel & Hardy Society folk meet.

Tom said...

I had forgot about them, there must be a lot of history tied up in this building... I think the inquest into the Hyde Lane Pit Disaster was held here. As Hyde wharf is at the side of here it must had good trade from the canal and pit workers. In recent times it was very much the place to drink 'Real Ale' and now the music scene is doing very well.

ian... said...

Still is a good pub for the real stuff - mainly Beartown Brewery ales.


Tom said...

Thanks for the link Ian.. Have you ever been to the 3 Stags Head in Wardlow Derbyshire.. I'm sure you'd like it...

ian... said...

No but just had a look at the link. Looks good & am sure I would!