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Saturday, 26 June 2010

SHMD Transport


Tram On Stockport Road Outside The Lamb Inn


Tram On Stockport Road, At Garrards

1932 saw the first double-decker bus making an appearance in around Hyde when a Thornycroft petrol-engined demonstrator was on loan.


Thornycroft Daring

This was replaced by a ' Thornycroft Daring' with Gardner 6LW diesel engine towards the end of the year. The diesel engined bus made a good impression and 5 more were ordered for 1933.


A nice mixture of tram and buses at Hyde Market

The following photo shows a Charabanc. This wasn't an SHMD vehicle but I thought it might be nice to show other transport vehicles to compare them. This was taken outside the Red Lion in Hyde. It was a Charabanc day outing!



Tom said...

I've still got enough to do another two posts if not more. Theres also chances of more pictures turning up.
I have read today that one of the SHMD buses was fully restored at the Stalybridge Depot before decommission and is now in the Transport Museum, and is still in full working order and turn out at shows now and them. It would be nice to get pictures of it and then I'll do a feature on it here.

Hydonian said...

Nice post, Tom! I don't suppose you have any photographs of the old Charabancs? I seem to remember seeing one somewhere of a coach trip from the Moulders or Bricklayers but cant find it.I wonder what happened to all those vehicles?

Hydonian said...

I found one of a daytrip from the Red Lion and although isn't an SHMD vehicle it is an interesting comparison.

Tom said...

Cheers Nancy..
What I'll do is make a collection of the Charabancs and do a post on them... I'm sure I've a few shots of them.. works and club outings and such like.
Could also do with pictures of the trains coming through Hyde stations and such. Horse and carts, and of course canal barges. Theres quite a bit we can build up if the pictures turn up. Again we've had some good feed back this week which make it all the more worth while.

Thanks everyone for comments and emails... keep them coming and remember we are always interested in pictures and stuff to use...

imac said...

Love these old trams Tom, Bet they bring back LOTS of memories lol

Lew said...

That's a crowd in the old convertable!