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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Talbot Road / Ashton Road Co-Op

Built as a 3 Story Building


Dropped down to 2 Story's


Now just the 1 Story


When you think just how many Co-ops there were in and around Hyde.... it must have been an important part of everyones daily life.


My mum used to say this a lot...

"Co-op stamps

If she fell off the Co-op roof, she’d land in the Divvy "

The origins of the Co-operative Movement date back to the start of the 19th century and the ideals of the Welsh industrialist Robert Owen. He developed a model factory complex at New Lanark which included a store which sold at cost prices.


In 1838, Owen lectured in HYDE where co-op stores known as union or Brighton shops were already in existence. Hyde, Mottram and Mossley had opened in 1830, followed by Broadbottom in 1831 and Ashton in 1838. (Thanks to TMBC website)



Hydonian said...

Love this Tom! I hadn't realised that it went from a three to a one storey building and I was only born on Bennett Street! Must have been well before my time ! haha! Remember the Co-op in Hyde where Wilkinsons is now? Remember the "sparkly stairs" at the side where you used to go up to pay the accounts and get your "stamps"? I used to love them as a kid! Stairway to heaven indeed!

Tom said...

I'd almost forgotten about the Co-op in Hyde centre... yet we used to go in at Dinner Time from school...
Jane's pointed out that we still have, and still use 2 bath sheets size towels from there... she remembers me buying them when I had the Red House pub for a while.... that was around 1986. Still very good towels.
There's a story behind me buying them, at that time there was a certain chap called 'Tommy The Bag' who called into the red house and would 'get' you stuff... he was not the brightest of chaps was old Tommy... I asked if he could get me some towels from the co-op. Of he went and came back a short while later with two carrier bags. I could see the toweling in the bags and he nodded for me to follow him into the pool room... In the bags were over 40 face cloths... I said he was a nutter and I'd asked for towels. he came out with a classic... 'Can't you sow them together'.. ha! I give him a bottle of Carlsburg Special for his cheek... learned a lesson not to ask him anything again and went out later and bought them.

Ex Hydeonian said...

There used to be lots of Co-ops in Hyde. The one I remember best is at the corner of Lumn Road and Mottram Road, think it is still Greenalgh the builders storage premises now. It used to have sawdust on the floor in the butchers part and I remember being dragged round by my Gran. We were always going to the 'Kwaap'.....I couldnt speak properly in those days. Also remember loads of the stamps in a drawer in our house in order to get your 'divvi'. (Whatever that meant, I did not pay much attention as a child).

Anonymous said...

Ref CO-OP photos in Newton.

The middle 2 story photograph is very obviously not the same building as the top and bottom photograph.

I believ that the midle photograph is of the CO-OP on the corner of Bennett St and Smith street. I remember this as a CO-OP pharmacy in the late 1960s. It was deralict for many years before being taken over as a chineese chippy.

Tom said...

Thank you for the above comment.. I am sure you are right on this... after studying all three again.. I would be pleased to find any more Newton/Floweryfield pictures that are out the..

jenny roberts said...

The middle photo is of Newton Wood Co-op which was on Victoria Rd Dukinfield just past the war memorial towards the white bridge. The building is still there, now and off licence.

jenny roberts said...

Can anyone help me out? I am researching the Hyde Equiable Co-operative Society and wondered if anyone remembers when the Newton branch was altered from three storeys. I have lived in Newton since 1978 and it was single storey then. Also I have found in the trade directories a Co-op on Victoria Street Newton next door to The Chapel at the corner of Talbot Road and Victoria Street opposite the near the Bay Horse pub. It was there in 1964 but nothing after. Any memories of other Hyde Co-ops would be gratefully received.

ANGIE said...