Harry Rutherford's
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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

White Terrace, Apethorn Lane

I believe one of these was used for a school for the mill workers children at one time, but I'm not sure if it was for Apethorn Mill, or Gibralter Mill that was next to the river.
O.S. Map 1897
White Terrace and the Coloured Cottages on Apethorn Lane are in view here.


imac said...

Nice one Tom.

Lizzy said...

Apethorn Lane, it's one of those places I would love to live if I ever came back!!

Tom said...

I have to agree Elizabeth it's a loverly part of Hyde... If I had my way I'd have the old Apethorn farm house with all the land.. perfect... or maybe Polebank... or course I would have to tip all the old folk into the pond.... which seems a shame as it's just been cleaned out. ;o)

Hydonian said...

I always found Pole Bank woods very creepy. Apparently a lot of lads were shaken by shadows that used to appear as dusk fell.Some used to say it was the ghost of Thomas Ashton who was murdered on Apethorn Lane and whose father ,Samuel Ashton ,owned Pole Bank Hall whilst others said it was the ghosts of the murderers.

Tom said...

We will have to do a post or two on Pole Bank... I have many many fond memories of this place...
I remember the shadows and strange lights in the woods... it was very creepy how it seemed to move up the pathways towards the old bridge... and yes on more than one occasion I ran before it reached the bridge.. I did try to trip someone up though so whatever was coming would get them... ha! I spent many hours in those woods shooting, climbing, nesting, courting and just messing.

Anonymous said...

My family and I live in the pink house on White Terrace and have lived there for 27 years and would never move! Its lovely

Tom said...

Thank you for commenting... it is a loverly house for sure... if you have any pictures of Hyde which you think we could use or memories you'd like to share contact me (Tom) or Nancy by email... the address is above.
Thanks again for letting us know you looked at the post and took the time to comment as well..

Anonymous said...

My mum and uncle grow up living in white terrace The Yates family) on the postcard looking across the canal ,the figure leaning on the wall(very small) is my great gran dad.---John

Tom said...

Thanks for commenting on this... I had to zoom in to see your Great Granddad.. I'm so glad you let us know.. it makes it more personal.. thank you.

Anonymous said...

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