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Friday, 17 June 2016

Hyde Pubs 1975 (12)

As it says in the 1975 North Cheshire Herald article the Woodman was due for demolition within a couple of months and the M67 now runs through where George Street used to be. The map in Paul Taylor's book shows it to have been on George Street near the corner of Tanner Street. The remains of Tanner Street run at the side of the Grafton Centre (where the line of cars is on the left of this photograph), so the Woodman would have been some way behind where the Grafton Centre is now. It would have been just behind the bus station and about where the east-bound carriageway of the motorway is on the photograph below.

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Tom said...

Just about recall it being open.. if ever a conversation turns to old pubs, the Woodman is always mentioned.. It's told the M67 MotorWay saw off many fine pub.