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Monday, 6 June 2016

Hyde Pubs 1975 (1)

In 1975 the North Cheshire Herald ran a series entitles 'Local look-in' where they did a piece featuring a different Hyde public house each week for 50 weeks. Ronnie Bardsley kept all these articles in a scrap book which has recently been lent to me and I'm going to put each of the articles on this blog over the next few weeks, hopefully one a day or every other day. Obviously some of these pubs no longer exist, but where possible I will include a recent photograph of each one. The articles are all numbered, although there's one or two problems with the numbering sequence, but here's the first one and it's the New Inn on Mottram Road.

It now appears to be called The Old Coach House

1 comment:

Tom said...

Well done to Ronnie Bardsley for having the hindsight to collect these in a scrape book. Thanks Dave for your time in posting these and the inclusion of an updated picture. This group will make a great addition to the blogs archives.