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Friday, 15 July 2016

Class Photo's From Holy Trinity

I was recently contacted by Norma Heywood, who said how much she had been enjoying reading the blog. Norma as kindly sent in two school photographs from Holy Trinity, one taken around 1919 with her mums class and the other from about 1924 with her dads class.

ABOVE: Norma's dad is on end of the first row on the right, Photo around 1924

Norma's mum is on the third row down, forth in from the right. Norma tells me her mum was born in 1913, Mum and dad later married at Holy Trinity, Norma and her brother were both Christened there and went on to be schooled and like mum and dad both went on to be married there. 

=  =  = 

Pictures such as these are the backbone of our blog, so please if you have anything Hyde related, Family History or just stories please send them in.  My thanks to Norma for today's post and her time spent on sending them. 

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