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Friday, 15 July 2016

Hyde Pubs 1975 (40)

The Commercial shut down some time in the 1990s, but the building's still there opposite the end of Commercial Street.

Addendum 18 July 2016:
This is presumably the photograph referred to above of old John Woolley that was in the snug of the Commercial. It was another of the cuttings that was in the scrapbook with the stoories of all the pubs.


Tom said...

Nice history David, I scanned an old book a while back which features this pub. I will get round to sorting it out this winter.. Should provide some information, and I'll make it available to be read on line.

Anonymous said...

This was my local in the eighties. It was one of 5 pubs within a short walking distance from where I lived, sadly only one of those 5 pubs is still open.