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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Hyde Pubs 1975 (49)

This photograph was taken 7 or 8 years ago when it was still open for business.
And here it is just over a month ago.


Susan Jaleel said...

A very interesting write-up on the Unity, but, not a.mention of Charlie Perrin, the pub's resident organist and partner of Jennie Cooper. I did hear at the time that it was Charlie who came up with the idea of introducing live music in the Unity and, as a talented organist himself, he certainly drew the crowds.

Unknown said...

I only remember going in when Bill. the Irishman, had it.It wad a great little pub and Fri, Sat nights was always packed!My LEAST FAVOURITE moment in there was when a group of outsiders decided that Billy Bennett my mate was ' eyeballing ' one of em!!! Bill could be quite fiery and was a black belt Tai Kwan Do instructor. We ushered Billy out in a quick procession and I felt what I thought was a boot to the bum.. thinking that it was the crowd after getting Bill!
When we got into the Church Pub I felt warm around the backside and John Heywood suddenly said.." what's that hanging from your jeans?" It was an oversized Japanese cherry stabber knife and I'd been stabbed in the bum with it..Lots of blood but very little damage in actual fact..
no comments thank you ;-)