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Monday, 4 July 2016

Hyde Pubs 1975 (29)

I knew of The President, but apart from the fact that it was in Hattersley I'd no idea where it was. It tells you above that it was on John Kennedy Road, but there's no mention of it in Paul Taylor's book and when I drove down the road I could see no obvious sign of where it might have been. I did, however, find a site on the Internet dedicated to former pubs in the Manchester area which placed it on the corner of John Kennedy Road and Ashworth Lane - and it said that the bulding had been demolished and new houses built in its place. So the houses pictured below, behind where the new Tesco now stands, are where The President used to be.


Tom said...

Another pub I never visited.. but by the sound of things it was a very good house while it lasted.

Chris Han said...

It later changed it's name to The Flat Cap.

cliff said...

my dad's old local pub

cliff said...

my dad's old local pub