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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hallbottom Gate Inn, Talbot Road.

 Updated 03 November 2010


Last Orders At The Bar Please....


Thanks goes to Viki Davis for thESE picture which shows the demolition of another Hyde pub. 

The original pub

The pub is due to be pulled done soon, it as had a large number of landlords in the 25+ years I have lived in Newton. Here is a pub surrounded by housing but cannot make the money needed to make the venture worth while.... if pubs like this go then there really is a problem for many others.


imac said...

Too right, its clubs now adays, times are a changing rapidly.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Didn't know this was closing - got some photos of the inside - was going to try and get up and photo the pub now before publishing them on Old Hyde.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

OK done it see http://oldhyde.blogspot.com/2010/05/inside-hallbottom-gate-inn-1990.html

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Thanks for sending me the photos Tom - just done a post on Hyde DP Xtra

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Another site I am going to love. Many years ago I lived just around the corner from here (back in 1975). So sad to hear that it is going to be demolished soon.

Hydonian said...

Awww what a sad sight to see ,Tom. I had heard it was closed but didn't realise it's demolition was imminent.
R.I.P. Another local pub

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Very sad indeed.

Lizzy said...

Our 'local' has just closed down, it was really busy most nights and although too costly for us was very very busy as a gastropub. http://www.coventryarms.co.uk. We first knew there were problems when the leasehold was put up for sale £99,000, reasonable you might think, but the yearly rent to the brewery was £55,000 per year and thats before you pay your bills, staff etc. How do the places that only see few drinkers per day manage? Poor Keith is now searching for a new local for his Friday night pint

Newtoner said...

It was one of the best pubs around not many years ago, and a first choice for so many.
Times are changing fast when you see a pub like the Hallbottom demolished. Sad day.

ian... said...

Yep - esp' on quiz night. The place went downhill years ago, but sad day indeed.

Tom said...

Newtoner... thanks for your input.. I always had a good time there when ever I went there.

Tom said...

Landlord and Landlady David and Maureen Lancake have been in touch..

Dave writes:
" My wife and I were licensees of these premises from 1982 - 1999. Our names are Dave & Maureen Lancake. We enjoyed our very happy 17 years there and would like to thank all our customers young and old for there support for that period, having just returned from Spain we found that our happy memories have been reduced to rubble,we would appreciate any photographs of the Hallbottom "

Feel free to email me any pictures or messages for Dave and Maureen and I will pass them on.

Keith Mellor said...

My great uncle, Harry Holden and his wife, Marjory ran this pub in the early 1900s.
My grandma and grandad moved into the cottage round the corner at 3 Hallbottom Lane.
This is how I came to be born in Hude.
Keith Mellor

mary doyle said...

myself and husband (Mary & Alan) Doyle ran the Hallbottom for over 2 yrs until 2007.We made some good friends in our time there Sadly Alan passed away in dec last year but we have some good ,and bad, times there.I still have a few friends I am in contact with .