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Monday, 1 November 2010

Alfred Beames


When I saw this bus on Ebay the other week I just had to place a bid, and has no one else did I was both pleased and a tad worried about being a sad-sack... ;o). Jane thinks my 'ebaying' is mad.... but then she's only a honorary Hydonian... she's only lived here 25 years or so.
The advert is what caught my eye and led me to part with some money... Alfred Beames Ltd, DIY and Timber was on George Street.. as a small boy I would go here with my dad for bags of sawdust for his pigeon loft which was on Church Brow..... we also kept and bred rabbits, and Chickens, so a supply of sawdust was always needed.. Dad would take fresh eggs down to Alfred Beames as payment... and we were never refused sawdust.
I cannot remember when Beames closed down... I know one or two of the lads moved over to Sherwood Timber on Clark Way... this was then taken over by Illingworth and Ingham... Bob, Roy and Mick (Paddy) still work there now... Hyde Means Beames.. what a catchphrase... ha! borrowed from Heinz Mean Beans




On a side note, the 210 bus was famous - here's one of its starring roles in the series "Life on Mars" starring John Simm and Philip Glenister which was shown on the BBC!


Lizzy said...

And didn't we think the colour was shocking when they were first introduced, weren't they SELNEC before GMPT and was that when the orange colour came in, or am I confused once again?

Tom said...

I can't remember Elizabeth to tell the truth.... I only thing of old buses as Green No 30s to and from Stockport... and the Red 90s to and from Marple ha!
The bus did not come with the 210, or Gee Cross on it.... I added that to the photo I took..

Hydonian said...

Love this Tom!:D

Tom said...

Thanks for adding such a great picture Nancy... When I was at Green Field Street School in 1971... I'd sometimes catch the 210 home, I'd get on from the Market and get off on Dowson Road... near the junction with Knott Lane the fare was 2p.... ha! I seem to have changed into my granddad since doing this blog.... :O)

Dave Williams said...

I started work in 1960 in Manchester city centre and I lived in Denton at the time, so used to go to work on the 210 bus - a trolley-bus at the time. They were red Manchester Corporation buses at that time and Lizzy's right, they were superseded by SELNEC (South East Lancs North East Cheshire), and then GM buses. The orange & white bus in the second photo is a SELNEC bus. The fare from Denton to Manchester when I started work, by the way, was 6d (ie 2.5 of these new-fangled pennies).