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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Captain Clarke's Bridge


Captain Clarke's Bridge is at the bottom of Woodend Lane, it was originally named Wood End Canal Bridge. The bridge type is known as a 'Roving Bridge' and was designed not just to move the tow-path from one side of the canal cutting to the other... but to allow the horse pulling a narrow-boat access to the other side without the need to be unhitched. This bridge must be the most photographed bridge in Hyde, it shows up on a few old post cards of Hyde. When I was at Greenfield Street School we would sometimes walk this way to and from school... if we were on our way there we would stop here and decide if we should continue or skip school for the day.. I'd say once it was suggested it was a done deed... trouble was for me that, one day lasted very nearly 3 years... ha! 


Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Ha ha Tom 3 years:) Oh I love the large house in the background. I'm sure that's been long gone:( Linda

Tom said...

I'm more than pleased to tell you that the house is still there Linda... it must have had fantastic views when first built.. the big chimney as gone.. or is now obscured by trees.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Cheers Tom. Next time we visit we are going to spend a full day in Hyde. No trip this Christmas as my Daughter is due to have our second grandchild on 23rd December♥♥ Another little lass♥♥

Manggas Man said...

How nice to see these pictures, the bridge was quite near to where I lived and just on the other side of the bridge on the left hand side facing towards Hyde town was a Rowing Club that also provided some great fun. As a youngster I used to spend a lot of my time around there.

Mike Wood (Usyk) said...

I am told that my gran, Nessie Lawler (nee Turner) was living in that house, as identified in the 1901 census. Does anyone know of other inhabitants or, if indeed, my gran was there at some time. She went on to teach at St. George's Junior school.