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Monday, 29 November 2010

H. Finch... Wheelwright Shoeing and Smith


The beautiful sign-writing on the gates tells us this is H. Finch, resident of 36 Grafton Street. If you know of any other Blacksmiths, Wheelwrights or Farriers from around Hyde let us know...any more pictures would of course be gratefully received. I have always liked the idea of a local blacksmith and would have been drawn to their yard as a child. My old school friend Jack Hilton is a farrier and makes his living shoeing horses. When he left school he went away to serve his apprenticeship... it was one of the longest apprenticeships there was. 


Just over Broomstair Bridge is an engineers yard... I have known the chap there for quite a while and worked at the yard on and off in the past... more for something to do than anything else... at one time in the yard ... right at the back covered in some brambles I was clearing I came across an anvil... much the same as the one above... but this one had a cast iron stand.. I asked John if I could have it... he said yes if I could pick it up and carry it to my old land rover... ha! I could not budge it.. never mind carry it. John had all the tools that went with such a thing... all hand made by his father.

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Hydonian said...

A farrier is a hard job but very skilled. I should imagine they get a lot of work satisfaction.
Great post Tom!