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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hyde Cemetery Gates


A portion of the Back Bower estate, a total of 24 acres ,was converted into a Cemetery, and these gates opened to the first interment there on November 3rd, 1894. It was owned by Edward Hyde Clarke but was occupied by William Radcliffe according to the Tithe Maps of 1836-51. The plots were known as Geranium Field (or Meadow) and Higher Field.
Looks much the same today

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Tom said...

Love the post card picture... look at the colour of the gate posts now...could do with a good scrub.. It is a while since I walked around the grave yard, it is well worth the walk. There's some fantastic stone work, and head stones... I once saw a head stone being erected when I was walking down the pathway at the side of the cemetery.. as the headstone stood upright I saw my name.... I did a double take and it was true... turned out to be a cousin of my Dads.. Not long after that my notes at the doctors got mixed up with him as well... Dr Bennett who was my Doctor at that time said I looked quite well to say I'd been dead for a few month..
I recall a school mate at Greenfield Street called Jeffrey Mellor who lived inside the gates of the cemetery... I thought it well weird at the time...