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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Around Clarendon Place

A couple of old shots here.
The first one is a photo of Clarendon Place looking in the direction down towards the Town Hall.

The old fingerpost sign post used to stand in front of the Queens . The large building to the left is the Reform Club and the pub facing it on the right of the picture is the Jolly Carter


The second photo is of the bottom part of Thomas Street looking over the houses to Clarendon Place. The Roof with glass panels in is now home to the "Fizz" shop.The Multistory car Park now stands on this spot.


Tom said...

Great you spotted the Fizz Shop here Nancy, The first picture shows Hyde town centre at it's best... what a shame these older buildings are no longer there.. When you think that the Old Reform Club building stood near to where 'Gabbatts Farm' is now... that's not improvement, that's bloody vandalism.
I think the second picture shows there was a need to redevelop some areas... but isn't it a great image with all those chimneys...

pcqpig said...

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