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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hyde Town Hall - December 2010

A couple of photos of Hyde Town Hall and "Owd Joss" with a sprinkling of snow. Apparently Tameside has been one of the worst hit places in the country for snow today!
I can vouch for that!



Only 2:43pm and already going dark ....brrrr !


Tom said...

Excellent shoots Nancy.. and 'Owd Joss' looks more of a 'Cowd Joss' today... ha!.. I have a post in the pipeline about the clock and bells..

AuthorRaimiHyde said...

Wonderful pictures! I love this building. I went on a ghost tour in there last year. Hopefully they will be doing another one this year.

Tom said...

Hi Paul..
Thanks for the comment...
I'm not sure about the Town Hall being used for these ghost hunts... or past crimes being used by the company being these nights as a 'selling' point. That is my personal view by the way...
I like the idea behind your new venture with the stories you write being set around Hyde.. reminds me of Stephen Kings 'Maine' popping up all the time. Good luck with your venture..