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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Demolition of Hyde Lads Club

Here are a series of photographs sent to us by Paul Taylor. They show the demolition of Hyde Lads Club circa 1991. A sad day, indeed ,when this came down. I wish it was in operation now to give the youth of Hyde a place to go. Maybe they should open a new one? It would have to be called "Hyde Lads and Lasses Club" thought due to equality laws ;)

Showing the Beeley Street entrance which was the main entrance.

The view from the Travis Street side.

This view was taken from the multistory car park showing the Gymnasium wall - The main building has already been pulled down.

A view from the bottom of what was Thomas Street showing the Gymnasium building.

Looking over to what remains of the club from Travis Street.

Thanks Paul. Much appreciated . Excellent photos,as ever! :)

Another great up-date by our resident photographer
Dave Williams


Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

what a sad sight

Tom said...

It was a very sad sight indeed... and a sad time for Hyde when this was removed... and for what... a rough patch of ground we have to pay to park on.. The powers that be should all hang their heads in shame as this...
Paul thank you for the use of these great, yet sad pictures... I hope you can comment on this place.. you must have many memories from your time there.

JohnT said...

Yes a very sad set of photos. I remember my Dad taking me there in the late 50's to watch an evening of boxing. Since I lost all my fights in Greenfield St school playground I wasn't all that enarmoured with it!

Dave Williams said...

It seems to be a long time ago that it was demolished and for that reason I find the fact that 'Iceland' is seen on one of the photos to be strange and incongruous.

Tom said...

I worked for Iceland years ago... I had gone to Rhyl one summer.. got a jobs at their warehouse, and lived in a small caravan in the yard. Iceland was started by two brothers who I got on very well with... the had the small warehouse and one shop in Rhyl and another in Mold at the time... I let my mum know I'd be stopping as I'd got this job... Of course mum misheard and told the neighbours I was working abroad in Iceland freezing fish... ha!

Hydonian said...

haha I do love your stories Tom :) xx