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Monday, 27 December 2010

Hyde Chapel Dramatic Society Productions. 2

We recently did a post about Hyde Chapel Dramatic Society, and a number of it's productions... these had been sent in by Graham Sharp.  I am pleased to say this led to another or our readers and regular contributors Eric Downs sending it the follow:


Eric say's he thinks this is the same play as already shown in the first set and shows a production of "When we are married" by J B Priestley.  Eric was the reporter and that Trevor Trueman was the photographer in the straw cadie.


Principal Cast of Aladdin  

Front row L to R: George Fogg, ??, Cyril Morris, Dorothy Newton, Joan Wimpenny, Nancy Shelmerdine, Albert Platt.
Back Row L to R: Stanley Weston, Eric Downs, Margaret Shelmerdine, Peggy Kay, Trevor Trueman.


The Hyde Chapel float for the Festival of Britain parade in Hyde.

Thank you again Eric for coming up with the goods... another great post which hopefully be of interest to many.  If anyone as any more pictures or memories of Hyde Chapel Dramatic Society.. maybe a bit of information on how it formed and when. We could keep this going and collect enough information in one place so everyone can enjoy it.  


Hydonian said...

THese are great!
I think we have some from the Zion ,too. I must get them scanned and post them in the near future.
I'd like to see some from Rosemount Church in Floweryfield in the late 1960's as I was in one of the pantomimes when I was 6 years old :)

Anonymous said...

Only just joined this blog. Have many photos from Hyde Chapel. Must look them out. I was in several pantos and am in the middle front row of your Aladdin one, which I have somewhere. my dad Arthur Stafford and Eric Platt were part of the stage staff and mum made many of the chorus costumes.

Tom said...

Hi Ann
Glad to have you along... look forward to seeing any pictures you can send in.