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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas Lights at Dusk.


A couple of photos showing the lovely festive lights outside Hyde Town Hall.
It was absolutely freezing when I took this photo - was something like minus 4 - It actually felt a lot colder !


Tom said...

It looks stunning with the windows lit up as well as the Christmas Lights.....
One Christmas Eve many many years ago a certain drunken youth thought it would be fun to climb the Christmas Tree... I was eventually coaxed down by two of Hyde's finest who I'm pleased to say, saw it as 'high spirits' and sent me on my way....
Happy times... ha!

Hydonian said...

Were they the same two of Hydes finest that coaxed a certain someone off the Grapes Roof ,too?

Tom said...

Ha!.... that's another story all together.... what a night that one was as well... ha!

Max-e said...

Hi Tom, I have just been on lengthy tour of Hyde and you have certainly capture the atmosphere of the place.
Have you considered climbing the Christmas tree for old times sake?
Sue has become a Facebooker and no longer blogs and sends her love to you and Jane.
Will try and be a more regular visitor.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Ex Hydeonian said...

This is a great photo Nancy, it has a really exzcellent Christmas feel to it. Hope both you and Tom had a great Christmas. Minus 4.....eek! We had a heatwave here in Kalgoorlie on Christmas Day, it was around 45 degrees celsius which was way too hot! Spent most of the day in the pool or indoors near the aircon.....too hot to do anything else!