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Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Magic Tree

Holm Oak

Dave Williams sent this in for us all...   
This time of the year, and particularly when the weather's like it's been just recently always takes me back some 20 years or so to when our 2 boys were still young. There was a column in the Reporter one week about the 'Magic Tree' in Gower Hey Wood just the other side of the canal from Gee Cross Mill. The tree is an evergreen variety of the oak and as such is in leaf throughout the year - I remember taking the lads down to have a look at it. I've been down today to have another look and although it looks a little the worse for wear in this cold weather there are still leaves on the branches. It's not easy to get a good photo of it, but I've attached what I managed to take, and also a couple of others I took on my walk. You'll see that some people obviously thought the ice on the canal was thick enough to walk on, and luckily they were right!

Thank you Dave, I had this tree pointed out to me along with others when a very young boy by my dad, we were more than likely out collecting Holly to decorate the house. The above tree is a Holm Oak, also known as the Holly Oak.. Not far from this tree is a beautiful Variegated Holly which my dad always hoped was well in berry.



Dave mentioned about folk walking on the ice..... I cringe now looking back at all the times my friends and I did this... we even rode our bikes on it, and how we'd laugh if someone fell in...we'd then head for the woods to light a fire and dry off before going home.



I've added the old postcard which we've shown before, as a comparison to Dave's shot of Captain Clarkes Bridge.....  thanks again Dave for these great pictures..;0)


Hydonian said...

Excellent post !
Some fabulous photos again too!

JohnT said...

Great photos but i'd love to have a look at the 'Holm Oak' tree. Where is it in relation to Gee Cross Mill and Gower Hey Wood?

Dave Williams said...

Tom - I'm sending you an email with photos of how to get to the tree from Apethorn Lane.