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Friday, 24 December 2010

Queen Street.

Below are two views of the James North factory tunnel that used to be on Queen Street . This was a very busy Mill with the tunnel linking two different sites. There are records of a tram that used to run between the two sites in 1897 when it was known as Slack Mill.



Tramway shown on 1897 map.


Tom said...

Very interesting about the tram line Nancy.... I found this on Graces Guides of 1891.. "Slack Mills Co. Limited: Hyde lane; 58,892 spindles, 88/408 twist, 108/501, weft; 1,200 looms, making domestics, shirtings, sheetings, drills, printers and oatmeal cloths, and at High Bank Mill, Godley. Pay day first Wednesday"

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: Neat captures from your area of Englqand. I wish you and Jane and the family have a wonderful Christmas.

JohnT said...

Slack Mills brings back memories for me. When I was at Greenfield Street School I was sent on an errand to Leigh Street School, with another pupil whose name escapes me now, and on the way back we played knock and run along Nelson Street. I knocked on a door and set off running and then tripped up and head butted the brick corner of a doorway a few doors down. When I came round there was blood everywhere and it just so happened that the nurse from Slack Mills was walking past and took me to their first aid room to patch me up and I finished up having stitches in my forehead. I don’t remember what explanation I gave to school or my Mum, but a couple of weeks later I had to go back with a box of chocolates to give to the nurse. I can see the box now it was pale blue with a couple of milk bottles on the lid. Ironically my wife used to work at the factory as the receptionist in the office when it was James North.

Tom said...

Excellent memories from John...

Ex Hydeonian said...

Vividly remember Norths factory from my early years……used to walk to my Grans on Dowson Road on a regular basis along Queen Street under the bridge. I seem to recall in some earlier post that we remembered the distinctive smell of the place. As you walked past it permeated from the factory……not an unpleasant smell by any means. I also remember that the windows near the bridge used to be opened on hot days and you could see the workers hard at work.