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Friday, 17 December 2010

The Ritz Cinema - part 2

At last - the moment you have been waiting for (well, at least the moment I have been waiting for)... A photograph of The Ritz Cinema on Travis Street Hyde. Taken just before its demolition in 1981. Also, note the Lads Club still there in its entirety...happy days indeed.


This fabulous photo was very kindly sent to us by Eric Downs - Thanks so much, Eric - You are a star! :)


Tom said...

We could add the pictures Paul sent of the Lads club being demolished Nancy.

Hydonian said...

I like the "Pernod" Poster outside the Ritz :)

Manggas Man said...

Any former ABC Minors visit this site ??? :-)

John Taylor said...

Thanks for the memories. I used to box & play table tennis at Hyde Lads Club. I also remember coming out of the Ritz one night and it was so foggy I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. How I got home to 17 Syddall street was pure luck!! Like a homing pigeon I was LOL.

Tom said...

Ha! excellent memories John... keep them coming.

Judith Mccann was Allen said...

wish i had some pictures swan gloves works was next to the ritz my mum used to work there i was born on travis street this is bringing back a lot of memories i was only talking with my partner last night 26/8/12 about how hyde used to look cant believe ive found this site i now live in melksham wiltshire thank you so much for making this site and also seeing pics of leigh street my old school

Tom said...

Hi Judith... welcome to the site.
So glad you have fond us and are enjoy what we show.