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Sunday, 12 December 2010

A.B.C. Magazine Christmas 1920

 This is the front cover of the 1920 Christmas Magazine from Ashton Brothers.
The following picture is a copy of the first page and accompanying photo of Lord Ashton of Hyde.




The magazine is full of quotes,stories and activities about Christmas. I will be posting some in the coming days.

Thanks to John Hopwood for the loan and subsequent publication of this magazine.


Tom said...

I will look forward to seeing these Nancy... I have always thought Hyde as a town owes so much to the Ashton family... and John.. cheers mate you are a star..
I was out big on ebay a few weeks back for a WW1 Christmas card with pictures, sent to the front from Ashton Brothers .

harry said...

When I worked at Ashton bros. one of the bosses was a guy called Omerod, I often wonder what happened to him as we had a few disputes with him occasionaly (very) successful.

Tom said...

Hi Harry...
I think I went to school with this chap... I think he was called Neil... he also had an older brother... he was very quiet at school... I remember his Dad as well.. a proper nice chap who always had time to stop and say hello.. nice family.