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Monday, 22 November 2010

Cooper Council Ltd - Disappeared shops

Cooper Council Limited was a store who , like many of that day, did weekly payments or "tick" on most household furniture. It was situated on Borough Arcade in Hyde.

I don't know much about this store. If anyone out there has any information , feel free to share.

Postcard of Borough Arcade


Tom said...

I don't recall this shop name but do remember a furniture shop in that row... where the Gym is now... so it could be that one.. I also recall a small shop there that sold everything for 'Home Brewing'
The address is very familiar.. New Ridd Rise.. is on Cheetham Fold Road Estate.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Is the Borough Arcade still there?

Tom said...

It certainly is... on the right the bottom story is a shop that sell paper, pens and craft stuff for making cards and such like. Above is a Gym. Towards the end are stairs leading to a dentist.. and the last shop sell all things to do with needle craft... This business used to be at the top of the stairs in the old Super Market.
On the left is still 'Stacey's' hairdressers... and at the other end is a sandwich shop..

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Thanks for that Tom. I'm sure there was a florist there at some stage where I purchased beautiful flowers from♥ Flowers are very expensive here, even in the Supermarkets:(

Tom said...

Linda there was a Florist there.. I think it was at the far end where the sandwich bar is now.