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May 2015
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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Andrew And Atkinson

We have been contacted by Lesley about her collection on bottles..... 

I found your site when I was researching - I have 4 stone gingerbeer/beer bottles that are marked with Andrew & Atkinson - Mottram road, Hyde... any information on A&A will be appreciated.



I know that many of you will have such bottles from this firm and other brewers that were dotted around Hyde... if you have any bottles please send in pictures so we can build up a collection of them on here.

Up Date 10/06/11

Mineral water bottling was established by the firm of Andrew an Atkinson, in 1868.   
History Of Hyde By Thomas Middleton


Tom said...

I have dug some of these from the banks of Wilson Brook near to Halton Street.... the amount of them that were there .. mostly smashed indicated that the firm had at least a yard there... I'm sure that others can add to this.

Anonymous said...

further to the answer on the brewery link the Andrew and Atkinson brewery was on foundry Street
in the same yard as Harry Woods potatoe merchants
this is where h.woods kept there bananas to ripen off I used to go in and look at all the spiders in jars on the window bottom.
the stone jars were bottled here for Eclipse brewery, this must be an earlier jar as I never saw one like this there,the AA was minerals were bottled down the side of the Bankfield public house off mottram road and was owned by three brothers Jack,Eric and Richard Thompson they were great people to work for I only worked after school and at weekends,I helped to make the sasparela, ginger beer, dandelion burdock then bottle them in stone jars, then I had to was the wooden vats out scrubbing them those were the days fantastic. Barry

Tom said...

Thanks Barry
I know you have wrote this before so again thank you for your time.. the ones I found would have been from around the Bankfield and those were like the ones in the pictures... but there were different bottles and jugs but most were smashed.
I always shiver when I read about those spiders in the Harry Woods building...

John R said...

They used to deliver weekly and the big glass demijohns came in useful, my nieghbour would pay you the deposit to brew is wine in them. rather than return them to the van driver.

Hyde Lad said...

Hi After reading this blog, I remembered that I had a similar bottle somewhere in the loft, after about 20 minutes searching I found the bottle. While it is similar in design to the A & A bottle it is not theirs, the label says "The New Hyde Denton & Glossop Mineral Water Manufacturing Company". I have not had time yet to do any research so if anyone knows anything about this company please let us know.


Tom said...

I've read something about this company lately Paul... I will be trying to remember what and where now.

Hyde Lad said...


Tom said...

Neat bottle Paul.. not seen one of these before..