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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sebs Family

We received an email the other week from Seb Lassando... asking if we would like to see a few pictures of his ancestors.. who Seb described as true Hydonians. Of course we said yes... and as so often happens we were thrilled with what was sent in.  I trust you will enjoy seeing the pictures and reading Seb's words about his family. 


Back Lane Football Club 1910
Smith Sherwin
Second Row - 3rd From Left
Smith Sherwin lived in Hyde all of his life, and was a member of Back Lane FC. In the First World War he was posted to Egypt and then to the Western Front  He returned from the front in 1919, after the 'tidy up' period at the end of the war in 1918.

There is an interesting story of his brother being shot and buried in Holy Trinity, and months later he met his brother on the Western Front in a canteen -dishevelled and unshaven, to which he recognised him and shouted 'Tha's our Tommy! We buried thee not s'long back!' -The body buried evidently wasn't his brother Tom! -I've not actually checked if the empty grave is still there!

During the 2nd World War he was a firewatcher and a bomb-spotter on Slack Mills and James North rooftops.




Coach Outing From The Clarke's Arms Outing 1950
Smith Sherwin died in the early 1960s.

He married Lucy Tweedale before the war and they lived in Back Lane -before it became Lumn Road.  


Smith and Lucille

Lucy Tweedale's brother -Thomas, was shot by a sniper during WWI on the trenches when patrolling his line. He is buried in a war grave in France 

Smith, Lucille, and Mary Sherwin
Smith and Lucy had my Nan, Mary Sherwin (later Burgess) in 1920, and amongst working in Heywoods Shoe Shop, Bowlacre Home, the Switch Board and the Fruit and Veg Stall in Hyde Market, she was called up to join the Fire Service during the war.

Mary Was Stationed At Hyde Fire Station
Initially she was stationed at Hyde Fire Station, and I am looking for any photographs of her that readers of your blog may have of her or the fire team at Hyde from the wartime. She's 91 in June, and I think it would be a lovely birthday present to present her with, as all her photographs were lost of this period. She then from Hyde went to work at Lyme Regis Fire Service, and spent late 1941 to the end of the war down there. 
Mary's husband, Francis (better known as Frank Burgess (or my Grandad!)) was a Naval Officer during the Second World War (again I have photos on board ships and in uniform if interested, and one meeting Winston Churchill, and was based around the Americas, the Pacific and in the Indian Ocean at one stage.) 

Seb. Lassandro

Thank you Seb... I hope we can find a picture of Mary at the fire station or at least in uniform for you. As for Frank Bugess I hope we can do another posting soon with some pictures of him on the ships and meeting Churchill. 


Jean said...

Hi Seb.
I have a similar picture of a morning drive which I would date late 50s/early 60s.Most of the men do not have jackets on so I presume it was a summer trip.
Smith is on the photo.
I remember walking up Lumn Road from school and Smith was always on the doorstep watching out for your Auntie Ann.

Anonymous said...

Great post here team -but of course, I'm just biased! ;)

Jean, would love to see the photo if by any chance you could scan it in, or get a copy to the Hydonian team?

Keep up the good work!


Tom said...

Posts such as this are a pleasure to do.. I hope we can do others like this in the future... you were very kind to send in the pictures and the words for this posting.
Jean:Great comment from you again... I do enjoy seeing what you write.... and I do get to read all comments.. feel free to send in the picture to us and one of us will add it to this post.