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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Leigh Street School Photograph around 1954

Thanks ceecee for sending in this photograph, I did have an old copy which I had not looked at for many years. Are you one of the class ??. Anyway down to trying to name them, I think you have done well with your list, I can add a few and amend a few, but there are some which have eluded both of us, I'm sure that there will be someone out there who can fill in the blanks:-

Top row L-R
Peter Walker, John Pomroy, David Birchall, John Wilcockson, Raymond Bromley, ---?---
4th row
Trevor Heyward, Barry Gaskill, ---?---, Eric Wildgoose, Michael Carr, Alan Robinson, Kelvin Gould, Andrew Joughin.
3rd row
Paul Taylor, Jacqueline Holland, Katherine Johnson, Jean Nixon, Dawn Walden, Christine Robinson, Ann Middleton, Margaret Johnson, David Royston.
2nd row
Brenda Gosling, Brenda Gaskill, Pauline Reece, Rita Boardman, Maureen Howarth, ---?---, Audrey Blackwell, Christine Nightingale.
Front row
----?---, ----?-----, Tony Mather, -----?----, Graham Richardson, John Hamer.

Obviously I am not 100% certain on the above names but I am sure I will be corrected in time.

Some of the teachers I remember at the time:-

Miss Shaw, Mrs Jackson, Miss Livesey, Miss Stafford, Miss McFarlane, Mrs Beaumont, Miss French, Mr Pakeman, Mr Sloan, Mr Renshaw, Mr Drewitt and the Head was Mr Renwick.



Tom said...

Excellent picture... those boys haircuts are back in now... and look how popular the fair isle tank top were back then. I know I wore my share of them.

Jean said...

Some of these children still look the same today, I don't think i've altered too much except for the hair colour!.
I had trouble recognising Brenda Gosling so good spotting there Paul.

Ceecee said...

I sent the picture in but Jean named most of them due to my terrible memory and yes Paul I am on the picture - Christine Nightingale. Still sometimes see Jackie Holland and Dawn Walden and of course my mate Jean.

Anonymous said...

I was in this class but not in this photo. I moved to Leigh Street in November 1952 and into this class. I suspect it must have been taken just before I arrived in Mrs Jackson's class in 1952.
Marian Bowers

Tom said...

Hello Marian....
Thank you for commenting and welcome to the site. If you have any class photo's you'd like to say feel free to send them in... or anything relating to Hyde for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi every body lovely photo brings back memories..I was in this class I thought that was me next to brenda Gaskel but someone has said its Brenda Gosling Maybe christine Nightingale or somebody will be able to clarify it ...I'm not dead sure ..I'm Jean Birchall by the way

Tom said...

Hello Jean and welcome to the site... glad you have commented... I hope you get some response from the ones you mention.

Ceecee said...

Hi Jean - Paul Taylor named the girl next to Brenda Gosling niether me or Jean Nixon could remember all the names. It may well be you as you should know what you looked like when younger nice to hear from you - Chris