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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cotton Mill Girls.

 This picture was sent to us by Dave.
It is of his Grandmother , Doris Higgins ,who worked at Aston Brothers.

Thanks Dave, great to hear from you ,as always.


You have a few pics of men at work in the cotton mills. 
Here is one of the girls at Ashton Brothers.  My grandmother, Doris Higgins, is centre front. She was a very clever woman and the teachers wanted her to stay on at school to train for teaching but necessity and her mother's mantra of "not getting above your station" condemned her to a life in the mill.  She started as a young girl of 12 and told us it was so and that every night she used to pray "Please God don't send morning, don't let it be morning".  What a sad prayer from a young girl.


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