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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hyde Park Bowling Club Postcard


This postcard shows the Green and Pavilion .

Unfortunately we have no date for it but I do know that photos exist from the 1920's which gives you some idea how long it has been in existance.

A photograph of the Hyde Park Bowling Clubs green circa 1980's.
Thanks to Jack and Doreen Morris for loan of it.

A capture from Bing Maps to show that the Greens are still looking good!


Anybody who has any information on the club, or even better ,if they have ever played here , please get in touch and share your stories. We'd love to hear them!


Tom said...

I believe the pavilion was badly damaged by fire not that long ago and was restored. I recall summer holidays from school being spent in the park... sometimes we'd be there for a few days... each week... going home again at the end of the day completely tired out. Mm would sit by the pool watching us and chatting with friends and other mothers... Now and then mum would call us to her and say she needed a rest from all the noise and we would be taken to watch the bowls.. we had to be quiet there and I now think this was mums way of getting one of us to calm down. Jane and I still stop and watch the odd game now and then... and if the same bench mum made for is free then we make for that one.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

There are photos of the pavillion after the fire and after restoration on Hyde DP Vol.1 - these are the two "summer" greens, there is also a "winter" green in the park.