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Friday, 9 September 2011

Greenfield Street Archery Club


These budding Robin Hoods from the late 1960's are shown here in the school playground.. the building behind the target was the metalwork room. The teacher is Mr Wainwright, the tall lad in the middle is my older brother John Wigley, and the lad next to him with the school badge is Steve Downhill . I can not put a name to the others.

This is my first post since I was taken ill 3 weeks ago.. I suffered a heart attack and I'm now on the mend and doing as well as can be. Thank you all for your concern and words of kindness. I hope to be back posting regular very soon... thanks go to Nancy, Paul and Dave for keep the site running.. what a team.


Dave Williams said...

Welcome back Tom! After all the stories you've told about what you and your fellow pupils got up to during your schooldays, I can't believe that they would let you loose with bows and arrows in the school playground!

Graham said...

I don't remember a school archery class...sounds a bit dangerous to me if I remember some of the crazy people from Greeny. It's been a while since I last visited, so I was sorry to hear you have been ill Tom. My sincere best wishes to you.

Jean said...

Glad your on the better side, looking forward to your posts again.