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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Owen Fields Farm

 Owen Fields Farm stood on the site of Hyde FC's ground, Ewen Fields.

It is mentioned in the History of Hyde as thus ....
"A short distance from the Lumn was Kenyons Farm and further along the road to Mottram was Bankey Fields' Farm , near the site of the Bankfield Inn. Owen (Ewen) Fields Farm stood between Mottram New Road and Walker Fold.

I have no knowledge why Owen Fields was changed to Ewen Fields when Hyde FC was formed - if indeed this is when it changed !


Tithe Maps 1836-51

circa 1875

Recent map

The owner of the land that the farm stood on was the Rev.I.N. France as Incumbent of Stayley Bridge Chapel according to the tithe maps of 1836-51.
Peggy Oldham was the occupier at this time.


Tom said...

Great picture of the farm Nancy..

JillM said...

My husband's grandfather William Ratcliffe was a farmer living at Ewen Fields Farm in the 1891 census. Other censuses showed him at 4 Walker Lane as a market gardener. Perhaps that was another address for the same property. Many family members lived in the Walker Lane/Walker Fold area.

Tom said...

Hi Jill
Thank you for your comment... and information about your family history.. always nice to get comment such as this.

Dave Williams said...

Hyde FC were formed in 1885. I used to live at Ewen Villa, adjacent to the football ground, at the top of Villiers Street. There's a stone set in the front of the house with the name 'Ewen Villa' and the date '1878'. So presumably the change from 'Owen Field' to 'Ewen Field' was effected before the formation of the football club.

Tom said...

Great bit of info Dave..

Hydonian said...

Great info indeed ! My mother in law spent part of her early years in a house on Villiers Street - now long gone. What was the other big house on Tinkers Passage called, Dave? I seem to remember two big houses on there. I had a friend at school who lived in one of them !

Dave Williams said...

The other house doesn't seem to have the name displayed Nancy (I was down there taking photos a few weeks back), but I believe it's called Venetian Villa.

Tom said...

Venetian Villa rings a bell with me Dave...

Anonymous said...


I am the current owner of Ewen Villa and would
love to find out the history of the house / pictures to see how
much it's changed




Tom said...

Hi Nic
Hopefully in time someone might read this post and your comment and oblige you request.. it as happened a few time now.
Thank you for your comment...

Anonymous said...

In St George's Parish register, William Oldham is living at 'Ewing Field' in 1829.
In 1831 his address is given as 'Owen Field'
Isaac Newton France was the minister.