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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Joel Lane, Gee Cross


Here's a nice postcard from Paul showing a view looking down Joel Lane from 1958.... cheers Paul

Update 25/09/11


Here's the same view Dave has taken today (25/09/11) and it's changed so little Dave made it into a black and white photo so we can see how similar it is. 


Hydonian said...

How tranquil it looks!

Tom said...

Hi Nancy
It certainly dose Nancy... I might not be up to walking up Joel Lane but this picture is tempting me to have a stroll down it. ha!

Dave Williams said...

Since the weather's been ok today for the first time since last Saturday, I've been up Joel Lane today to take a photo of this scene which I'll send to you. You'll see that it's hardly changed from the picture above. If you fancy having a stroll down Joel Lane, Tom, I'll gladly give you a lift to the top, but with the lack of pavements and the amount of traffic using it now, it's a pretty precarious walk.