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Thursday, 1 September 2011

St Georges Boathouse

We were recently sent in a photo by Jenny Ward. It's of a fabulous painting that was done by her father ,Fred Keating (1918-1966) who was a reporter on the Hyde Reporter and North Cheshire Herald in the 1950s.

St Georges Boathouse by Fred Keating

This is a photo of the boathouse which stood by Captain Clarkes Bridge on the Canal.(Also known as Wood End Canal Bridge)


Tom said...

Excellent painting...
I remember the building very well indeed. I visited the site a year or so back.. and there are traces of a garden still.. and there is a memorial stone to a member/s of the club who died in the war. If you do visit the site beware as it is very over grown and the pathways and steps are covered in moss which make them very slippy .
It would be nice to see a collection of such paintings on the site.... here's hoping we see more being sent in.

Dave Williams said...

You've got some photos of the site which I took in March this year, together with a copy of an article from The Reporter in September 1992 about a missing war memorial which had been next to the boathouse shown in your pictures.

ian... said...

It's almost unrecognisable now from the photograph!

Hope you're on the mend Tom :>)

Tom said...

I can't find the stuff you mentioned at the moment.. I recall you sending it.. I will have it on disk or stick, but to be honest looking and doing to much on here is a struggle at the moment.
Ian: ha! I've just sent you a email... now I've seen this comment. I am doing OK.. look like there's nothing up with me but I so tired at the moment.. both mentally and physically.. I'll be fine when I'm rested. ;o)