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Friday, 23 September 2011

Mottram Road views.

 Below are two photos that our resident photographer, Dave, took. :)

The first one shows Mottram Road circa middle to late 1980's and show the "Hypermarket" that was originally Hyde Department store. I think it had become Fine Fare by this time. The Moulders pub can just be seen in the distance on the right hand side, peeping out from behind the tree.   Bradley & Sons Funeral Directors is also still in existence on the corner of Fernally Street behind the Billboards.

Also note how much smaller Fernally Street and Union Street were back then.


The second one shows a recent view.
Union Street took over virtually all the spare ground shown on the above shot whilst Fernally Street became 4 lanes rather than the two shown on the first photo..


It's good to see that it's still looking nice and green despite the increase in traffic.

Thanks Dave, as always :)


Dave Williams said...

The lack of traffic on the first photo is due to the fact that it was a Sunday morning, just before the finish of the Hyde 7 race - which came down Mottram Road and ended up in the Market Square.

Tom said...

Great comparison pictures here, it is certainly quite a junction now...