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Friday, 28 June 2013

Borough Arcade - Then and Now

Borough Arcade looked to be quite "posh" in 1900 if the drawings are anything to go by !

Borough Arcade 1900 - picture taken from the Eastern Bazaar Handbook.



Werneth Low said...

Wonder if Mrs Stansfield was the "other half" of the guy who built The Hippodrome (Stanny's). She was running a very fine establishment on that corner, and it looks like mourning was big business in those days.

The present day shot saddens me because in my memory that corner shop of the Arcade was always Dean & Noble, who sold television and radio. Timson's shoes were alongside on Market Street, and the little flower shop on the opposite corner behind Natwest. As a child and young person, i found the Arcade a bit creepy and didnt frequent it much, although I seem to recall that Roland Hollinghurst ran a pet shop along there at one time, and that would have attracted me. I think there was a billiard hall too and, of course, the queue waiting to go into the pictures.

Thank goodness for memories,

Marjorie said...

The modern picture looks very sad. A reflection of the times when the shops have to be shuttered. Like Werneth Low, I prefer my memories of Hyde as it used to be.

Trish said...

That present day shot saddens me aswell, Dean & Nobles was a great shop on that corner, Woods was the name of the florists shop. Like you said Thank goodness for our memories of a better Hyde back then! So good to remember Hyde of the 1950s/60s. All the wonderful shops we had, and a brilliant market. And goodness knows why they have spent such a fortune on a new market square, when really some money needs to be spent on filling all the potholes. Time this council got the priorities right!