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Friday, 14 June 2013

Junction Inn revisited

The following was sent to us by Judith Hunt.

Over to Judith...

"I was interested in the photo of the Junction Inn, but I knew it was not the right picture.  I attach a photo taken around 1984." 

 photo 0af68f3f-7657-4e86-977b-abf29621385f.jpg
"My great grandmother Mary Ann Helliwell had a shop at 148 Ashton Road which remained in the family for some years.  I know she was living in the shop in 1918 when her son was killed  at war. I also know that her daughter Edith kept the shop,  she had a daughter called Jean. Then  for a while my parents took over,  then my mothers  brother took it over for a short time before coming to Australia. I would say around late forties the shop ceased or was taken over. I know the 1984 photo shows the original shop as part of the hotel now. I would be interested to know if anyone does have earlier photo’s of the Junction with the shop alongside."

If anyone can help, please send the photo to us where we can,in turn, send it on to Judith  :)

Many Thanks for sharing, Judith !


David Stafford said...

Judith, for most of her married life May Ann Helliwell lived at 413 Cheetham Hill Road, Dukinfield. Her husband was William Helliwell, her sons and daughters were John W., Harold,Charles,Harry,Jean, and Edith. The family also had two nephews living with them-John and Abraham Normington. It was about the year 1898 that the family left 49 Muslin Street, Newton, for Cheetham Hill Road, Dukinfield. Around the year 1912/13 they moved to Ashton Road, Hyde.My aunty May Smith lived further up Ashton Road, her father kept the shop next door to the butcher on Ashton Road.

Anonymous said...

Great post Judith, and a very nice story.

JUdith said...

thank you David and anonymous.