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Thursday, 20 June 2013

St Georges Football Team

The following photo and information was given to me Clive Cooper and Neil Hadfield.
It shows St Georges Junior School Football Team 1971/2.
  photo 0135a8ff-2de8-49a8-b0a0-bd3b22cf9567.jpg

Back Row l to right -  
Gary Pangburn, Clive Cooper, Neil Hadfield, Andrew Sijon, Paul Andrews, Darren Arrowsmith. 

Front Row l to r - 
Neil Garlick, Phil Vickers, Bob Heap, Anthony Passant, Phil Robinson. 

Thanks Clive and Neil - Much appreciated. 
ps. You haven't changed a bit ;)


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that this photo is over 40 years old !!
Where is time going ?

Rock Ape said...

Good to see the two lads on the front row have city socks on! Well bred.

JohnBooth said...

I can remember half of these lads being at Hyde Grammar and when they were in the 2nd year (about 1974)we took them down to Southampton where we played against the local schools.
Happy Days!